Reiki Treatments

I offer Reiki as a form of natural and complimentary therapy. Reiki is a traditional form of Japanese hands on energy work, which is used to gently facilitate change in the body, emotions and mind, by activating the body’s own natural healing system. It is a gentle yet powerful form of energy work which can be used to combat the negative effects of all kinds of stress and illness. I combine crystal therapy within treatments, to enhance the flow of energy and target specific problem areas.

The treatment will take place either lying on a therapy bed or sat in a comfortable chair (depending on your physical needs), and you will remain clothed throughout the treatment. The feel of the treatment is very relaxing and clients often report sensations of floating, warmth and tingling throughout the body, and a feeling of deep relaxation during and after the treatment. See below for treatment options.

How it works:

Everything is energy, including your body. We are made up of billions of atomic particles vibrating on certain frequencies and constantly moving. Reiki (translated as universal life force energy), is a Japanese hands on healing art which was developed in the early 20th century, and is a method of activating the body’s own natural healing process, by removing energy blockages and encouraging the flow of energies around the meridian system. The effects can range from deep relaxation to powerful shifts of mental, physical and emotional states, and it can be used on a wide range of ailments and diseases, including pain relief, anxiety and stress, depression and feelings of disconnection, eating disorders, problems sleeping, trauma release, recovery from injury and much much more.

The energy system is based on the principles of the 7 Chakras and the Meridian system, developed in ancient Eastern philosophy. The energy use is known as Ki in Japan, Chi in China and Prana in India, and the use of Reiki is to allow these energies to flow naturally around these energy channels and centres. The feeling of the treatment is very relaxing and it can sometimes be possible for the client to feel a sense of release of emotions, as old feelings, trauma and stress is released from the body. This can be in the form of a sudden urge to laugh, cry or feelings of love, joy and deep connection. It is also common for the client to feel sensations such as floating, warmth, tingling, sinking or buzzing throughout the body as these energies shift. It can help us to feel more connected and because of this it can be very useful for those experiencing loneliness or lack of human connection.


diagram of reiki moving around the body in reiki treatment


Full Body Reiki Treatment

60 MINUTES £50

Your first treatment will include a full history take and consultation, this is to ensure that all potential contributors to your condition can be worked on during the treatment, and to ensure that reiki treatment is right for you. A full body treatment will focus on releasing tension and energy blockages throughout your body’s energy system, also known in Chinese medicine as the meridian system, as well as working on any areas of your body that may be in discomfort or recovering from illness or trauma. This treatment is suitable for all kinds of physical, mental and emotional issues, please visit the FAQ page to find out more, or feel free to get in touch.

Home Reiki treatments

60-90 MINUTES £60-85

I offer home visits upon request. This may be a more suitable option for those who may be house bound or prefer to be treated in the comfort of their own home. A free telephone consultation will take place in the first instance, to assess your needs and whether home treatment is the most suitable option for you. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this option further. 


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